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What causes buffering and other such problems?

There can be several reasons.

One of the problems we face in my region of Turkey is relatively slow internet speed. Especially during times when the government is interfering with it. Often it's a hard enough job just trying to keep the lights on.

What measures can you take to mitigate problems?

Reboot your router/modem and try again

Test your download

No not with TTNet or Ookla etc. because most of those are rigged in favour of the ISP's and it is important what location you are checking with, it is no good checking with say Izmir if the website you want to connect to is hosted in America. Always check internet speeds with an independent tester like this one Digital Ocean. This server is in Amsterdam where my website is hosted and is preset to reflect those results.

But Please Note

The above server is in Amsterdam (the same location as this website) but for legal reasons all of all my streams come from different countries, therefore it would be impracticable to test that many countries.
So this test can only only give you an accurate reading from Amsterdam and NOT the many countries where my files are actually being served from, which rather makes your receiving speed partially irrelevant.

If you are net getting the download speed you expect or are paying for contact your ISP and politely complain. But note: Most ISP's including TTNet have what they call a "fair usage" policy, mine is 50 Gb, once I exceed that in a calendar month they reduce me down to 1 Mbps, if your ISP is TTNet you can check your usage yourself by logging into your account.

Too much at the same time

If too many people are using your connection at the same time you will have problems. Make sure a neighbour isn't leaching off your bandwidth, tell the kids to get off those online games, ban the wife from watching Corrie while your footie is on (good luck with that one), but basically steady it all down and log of Facebook for crying out loud.

Government interference

Absolutely nothing you can do about that, you've got more chance of getting the wife to turn her Coronation Street off.

What measures should you NOT take to mitigate problems?

Contacting me, there is nothing I can do about any of it!