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Downloading content

We have made it as easy as possible to download content from our website.

All our movies and series are presented in your browsers native video player so hopefully you will be familiar with it. All these browsers should I believe have a download icon at the right of its control bar. If you click on that icon once the file has loaded it should start to download in the background. Having started the download you can leave that page and allow nature to take its course because there is no point in watching whatever it is and downloading at the same time, you would just be wasting your own and my bandwidth.

There is one exception to this method

If the file is not in a format your browser recognises the control bar will not appear so needless to say neither will the download icon. In those cases you can just click on the blue DOWNLOAD button below the player in the Movies section or our white download icon (if there) in the Series or Catch Up sections. But better still use one of our recommended browsers.

Members using Ipads, Iphones, tablets and other such devices

Please learn how to access the right click "context" menu for your device and stop telling me you can't download stuff, or buy a mouse.


If you find you are regularly downloading stuff off the web I would advise you to install a proper download manager. If you have ever messed up a big download because your internet connection failed or you did something you didn't mean to do (like closing your browser) you will understand why. A decent download manager can recover from most problems without having to start again from scratch. And what's more many are free!