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Mobile Devices

These can be particularly troublesome sometimes.
The problem is there is no set standard for these things and that can often result in weird behaviour.
Not all Ipads behave the same.

An example

One of my members said she could not view certain content on her Ipad, after various exchange of emails which failed to resolve the issue I suggested she brought her device to me as she was in my town at the time.

With the benefit of on the spot investigation we discovered that when on those pages if she selected "Open page in new tab" the file would play flawlessly. Now that's weird behaviour for any browser.

And where do downloads get saved to on these different things?

I don't have all the answers to many of these weird issues and I doubt I ever will. I can only say to you read these FAQ's if you have issues and try some work-around solution's such as the example above.